An introductive teaser

A few weeks ago, I finally collected the floppy I missed to create F#555 and I already have 536 floppy disks for the next edition.

So the audiovisual piece is made and I save it for awhile in case it will be displayed in galleries or festivals. But I can't resist giving you the first minute of the video as an introductive teaser.

As you might know, you can create anything through databending. So here is an other aspect of F#555: each tile on this picture is made out of the data of one of the 555 floppy disks collected for the project.

Very first video test

This is the very first result of the video bending. Stay tuned!

Hacking recorded

Here is the recording of the hacking of la contrebande by F#555.

La contrebande

The very first run of F#555 will happen on January the 7th 2012 from 7pm to 11 (GMT) in the radio show La Contrebande on la Grosse Radio Rock: